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A coaching site to help you with dating & knowing if someone is right for you in 72 hrs .!

Are you going to stay a victim of a past relationship or be a victor in the next relationship?

The decision is up to you!


Dating Helps

  • Dating Profile Tips

  • Wants and Don't Wants

  • Four Steps for Navigating Dating

  • 25 Fun Questions to help with getting to know someone

  • Mr. & Miss 80 % chart

  • Crystal Clear Communication

  • Dating Traps

  • 5 Reasons To Walk Away

  • Empowered Self Awareness 

  • Core Values Assessment 

  • Personality Quiz

These unique programs can help you enjoy your journey to finding the person that is right for YOU.

  • Tired of being single, and thinking about getting into the dating game?
  • Are you confused about how to get started dating?
  • Afraid you don't know how to choose who is right for you?
  • Do you feel like dating is a frustrating job interview?
  • Tired of having your past trauma hold you back from true happiness?
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Let's fill that seat next to you with the love of your life!


Meet Susan

The founder of  YesUcanCoaching LLC, Susan has a very unique ability to listen with the added education and training of how the brain processes conversation and life experiences.

She has now transitioned her career from the medical side of brain studies and uniquely applies those processes to the dating world.

Susan has done the research for you and you will get results!!  

She is a Certified Professional Energy Leadership Coach and a Family Law Mediator, specializing in recognizing negative thought patterns, and building trust through effective fearless communication.

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Past Client Experiences


New Datingcravings App

Live Q & A Forum and Podcasts

The opportunity to ask real-time questions with Susan. Let's talk about dating and how to use the courses for the best results.

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