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The application also allows you to create your own extensions which can be used with it. Features include file previews, renaming, backup, archiving and anti-virus protection. 37 - Free Express RSS Reader is a RSS reader that enables you to get new articles from RSS, Blogs, News Feeds, Forum, Torrents and other types of URLs directly to your desktop. The software enables you to sort, filter, search and organize your news feed feeds and provides a simple and intuitive interface. 38 - GitHub is a web-based service that provides git and mercurial version control over any set of web-based repositories. GitHub is easy to use and provides a small learning curve. GitHub is made possible by contributions from thousands of individuals and companies. 39 - Create and share online presentations with Powerpoint 2010! Share your PowerPoint presentations with the world in just one click! Optimize your presentations with the PPT to PDF converter, create a password-protected PPT file and add and remove personal comments from the PPT files. 40 - CloudGPS is a modern and easy to use location tracking software. It can be used for business, personal or technical purposes. Its main features are geocaching, tracking and group calling. CloudGPS supports multiple tracking methods, such as SMS and email, and it provides a full-featured GIS interface. 41 - Sky Map is a free flight simulator for Windows. Sky Map is a Windows program which can be used to navigate the entire Earth. The program works with WorldWind, a fully customizable 3D globe with excellent visual and audio effects. 42 - Kha-na is a desktop client application that can be used to manage and visualize all your data in a unified manner. The program enables you to manage, transfer, view, edit, synchronize and upload your data. The program is also equipped with many useful features such as a file manager, task manager, project manager, contact manager, newsfeed and much more. 43 - Pranjic is a free cross-platform RSS reader which supports fetching of RSS and Atom news. The application enables you to add feeds from many sources and enjoy personalized feeds in an easy and intuitive way. 45 - A native twitter client for the Windows Phone! It enables you to read and reply to tweets, favorites, lists, and directly to your timeline. 46 - Waze has become Excellent Autorizacion throughput s

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File Property Edit Pro Crack einoli

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